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Nina Sabarre is the Founder + Principal Consultant of Intention 2 Impact, LLC. I2I helps funders and organizations measure and maximize their social impact through applied research, evaluation, and strategy. Nina is known for making sense of complicated problems and distilling data into actionable insights. She has a decade of experience in program evaluation and mixed-methods research in more than 25 countries. Her experience spans from international development to local community initiatives, higher education programs, public-private partnerships, collective impact, and Fortune 100 companies.

transforming social change in the knowledge economy.

do good & do it well. 

Nina is an adjunct professor at American University teaching graduate-level courses in Evaluation Approaches & Design. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Evaluation and Applied Research at Claremont Graduate University. She earned a Master’s degree in Political Science from Virginia Tech, as well as a graduate certificate in Program Monitoring and Evaluation from American University. Her doctoral research focuses on the role of entrepreneurship in the evaluation marketplace, and the use of evaluation to improve cross-sector partnerships among businesses, nonprofits, and governments.

She is an #evalpreneur, total data viz nerd, podcast junkie, bullet journalist,

s’mores enthusiast, coffee shop dweller, and “why” chaser.

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evaluation services

Nina works with clients to understand their pain points and burning research questions. She takes them on a journey of systematic inquiry, using statistics & stories to find those "a-ha moments" that result in lasting change. 


As an expert in evaluation-specific theory and methodology, she collaborates with a network of social scientists and subject matter experts to provide interdisciplinary, contextual insights. She is most passionate about evaluating networks and cross-sector initiatives to advance social justice.

case studies

Law Enforcement Advanced Development (LEAD) Program

In collaboration with Clarus Research.

Managed a three-year utilization-focused evaluation of the Law Enforcement Advanced Development (LEAD) program implemented by the University of Southern California (USC) and Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). LEAD is an innovative training program designed to build the capacity of LAPD officers to more effectively respond to vulnerable populations. The evaluation included longitudinal surveys of three cohorts, in-depth interviews, and monitoring dashboards. 

It used to be all about

what you know. 

Then, they said it matters 

who you know. 


Today, it's about

how you know.

& most importantly,

why it matters.

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Developmental & Systems Approaches
Participatory Methods

Theory of Change &

Theory of Collaboration
Capacity Building
Situational Analysis
Interpersonal Skills


Quantitative & Qualitative 

Purposeful integration of mixed-methods
Experimental & quasi-experimental designs
Surveys (CATI, CAPI, Web)
In-depth interviewing
Focus group facilitation
Content analysis
Grounded theory


Descriptive & inferential statistics

T-tests & Chi-square testing


Multiple Regression

Binary Logistic Regression

Discriminant Function Analysis

Factor Analysis


Project management
Data visualization
Questionnaire design
International research
Cross-sector partnerships


Statistical packages: SPSS, R, Stata
Microsoft Office: Word, PPT, Excel
Basic WordPress & Wix


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